Messages from the Universe

Hey Buddies.

I hope you're all having a great day. Mine's pretty good.

Have you ever had that experience of feeling as though a stranger is channeling a direct line from the universe to you? Yesterday I got into an Uber because it was early and no one at the cab company was awake to pick up the phone. I got picked up by Nadia. I don't endorse Uber but I definitely endorse Nadia 'cause she was a really cool lady.

Anyway - we exchanged pleasantries in English, I wasn't really expecting to have a conversation because of how early it was but Nadia had different plans. We semi-communicated in English for about half a minute and then she asked me whether I understood French. I do, so we switched over and she started in on a monologue, beginning with the fact that she woke up at 3:45am- which got me to raise my eyebrows - and led to her letting me in on the Secret of Meditation

Nadia told me that when she meditates, she only needs about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. This sounds like complete bullshit to me and I LOVE sleeping for 8 hours every night even though I'm terrible at it and often fall asleep on the couch to some terrible Netflix movie. Kevin makes fun of me, he plays video games and feels superior because "at least he's using his brain". Secretly, I think he's right, and I use Netflix to completely check out at the end of the day and probably look like a drooling zombie while doing it.

ANYWAY - Nadia barely knows me and started spouting off all of these things that meditation helps with... nailing 80% of my current human struggles: feeling overwhelmed, fear of authenticity, enjoying constant distraction so I don't have to be alone with my mean shitty thoughts, etc. etc. I felt the weight of my skepticism lift for a moment and it was euphoric. I used to believe in things happening for a reason, in synchronicity, in the idea that we're all connected.

Lately I've been more of the school of thought that all meaning is human-made. Things may happen for a reason, but ultimately we are the ones that decide what that reason is. 

There's a book that's been following me around the past couple of years that I've picked up and leafed through ten times or so- David Lynch's Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity.

I used to meditate every morning, and although I don't see myself spending the two hours a day at it that Nadia does, I'm going to find myself a copy of that book and go fishing.