The Traveling Show

The past four months have been fun. I've had three shows in three different locations in my neighbourhood, all on the same street. I feel like a traveling bard, or something. It's a really great feeling to walk into a public place and see your paintings up on their walls, surrounding all the people who frequent the space. 

At the Heart of it - Maté Latte, 5837 Sherbrooke St W 

This show was a collection of old and new works, both abstract and representational that came together to display the diversity of my interests, both formal and conceptual. The most cohesive element that was made clear to me was my love of using a range of rich and vibrant colours to create different moods in my paintings. 


Not Your Fantasy - Galerie V (Shaika Café), 5526 Sherbrooke St W


Not Your Fantasy is a series of mostly large-scale portraits of women in the urban landscape that I have been working on for the past two years. It is still in progress but I was happy to have the chance to show the completed works for the first time at Galerie V. It is a beautiful space to show work in and the staff were very friendly and helpful. 


Not Your Fantasy pt. 2 - Coop la Maison Verte, 5785 Sherbrooke St W

I was happy when Alex from Coop la Maison Verte got in touch to ask if I could move my show from Shaika to the coop for the month of March! With three shows in three different places on Sherbrooke St, I'm lucky that I have very supportive family and friends and an extremely helpful partner to coordinate all of the moving around and hanging. They're my (sometimes invisible) helpers without whom it wouldn't be possible. The show at the coop will be up until the end of March and I'll be updating this post with more photos before it comes down but if you are in the area, please go check it out! I love getting feedback about my work.

Hope you're all having a good night!

Love, Jess.