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Hi All!

I know that there aren't many of you, but I'm using this more as a form of documentation than communication anyway. It's November 28th, I just got home from hanging some pieces up in a local cafe, if any of you live in Notre-Dame de Grace in Montreal, go find it, it's called Mate Latte.

My dear aunt picked me up with all my paintings (except the one that is too big to fit in her car, which I walked over) and helped me hang them all up. Did I mention she is dear? Hanging paintings is definitely a two person job. I can't wait to go in and grab a tea in the morning and eavesdrop on the customers that are hopefully noticing the new art. The big one that didn't fit in the car is actually a portrait of two of my friends in the same cafe where it is now hanging. So meta. 

The paintings will be up there until February, when I will be having an even bigger solo show down the street, at Shaika. NDG is a pretty great neighbourhood for artists. Many cafes and restaurants that support the arts by offering their wall space. There's even a new gallery opening up on Sherbrooke Street, owned by the same person as the vegan restaurant, Mouton Vert. If I'm lucky maybe I'll squeeze in a third show this season!

That's all for now folks, I'm closing this one up without a drop of angst, you're welcome!